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Applications for Cohort 2 have concluded

Admissions for PGP in Startup Leadership are now open!

Our application process is designed to help us uncover your hidden potential to do something grand. Through the entire process, we will interact with you deeply, making it very personalised, while keeping it rigorous and extensive.

What's the admission process like?

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Eligibility Criterion


We encourage students from all UG
discipline backgrounds to apply.

Professional Experience

It is ideal to have a minimum of
6 months to 6 years of work

Key Admission Sections:

Mesa Admissions Test
A 40 minute online test - no preparation needed. It tests you on basic numerical ability, problem solving and logical reasoning. It includes a video essay to assess your overall personality.
Supplemental Test Scores
Feel free to submit lifetime scores from any of the following exams GMAT, GRE, CAT, NMAT, XAT. Don’t worry if you don’t have a score or feel your scores are not competitive enough. Our process is designed to be holistic.
1 written essay, up to 500 words. Question to answer - “In your life so far, what is that one thing you have done or achieved which you are most proud of? And why?“
Shortlisted candidates will have an in-person interaction with our admission panel, which will include faculty and startup leaders. The evaluation process is well rounded to understand your true potential.

Admissions Process

Step 1

Mesa Admissions Test

The duration of the test is approximately 40 minutes. During this time, a variety of competencies will be evaluated. These competencies include, but are not limited to, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning ability, critical thinking prowess, and your ability to effectively communicate your thoughts via a video essay.

It's essential to note that this is not your typical standardized test. The evaluation is designed to assess your natural abilities and skills and requires no preparation.

Step 2

Complete the Online Application - Who Are You?

Submit the following:

  • Your personal and professional details
  • A short essay of no more than 500 words
  • Your resume (any format is acceptable, but aim to include the most important information on one page)
  • Supplemental test scores: Lifetime scores of GMAT, GRE, CAT, NMAT, XAT, if available.

Step 3

Shortlist & Interviews to Assess Mutual Fit

This step allows us to understand your aspirations and the potential value you could bring to the founding cohort and your peers. The admissions committee will review all applications and provide a shortlist for the next stage within 7 days of submission.

After this, there will be in-person interviews and take-home assignments. The interview panel consists of faculty members, startup leaders, and Mesa founders. Our interview process, which is personalized and introspective, reflects the hiring process of your dream startups!


The Mesa cohort comprises of exceptional & diverse candidates. We are unequivocally committed to eliminating all financial barriers for these outstanding individuals, thereby guaranteeing an unparalleled peer learning experience.
Under Dog/Black Horse:
For the hustler with no big brand names to back you, just your determination to make it big
Startup Pride Scholarship
For the out and proud startup enthusiasts who identify as LGBTQ+
Lifelong Learner Scholarship
For individuals with significant years of work experience (>6 years) who are looking to break into startups
General Merit Based Scholarship
For candidates with exceptional academic records/ test scores/ professional accomplishments
Emerging Leader Scholarship
For freshers (less than 2 years of total experience), who have shown exceptional leadership qualities
Athlete To Executive Scholarship
For athletes (at least state-level), who are looking to transition into high paced startup leadership roles
Trailblaz-Her Scholarship
For women who have shown exceptional leadership abilities in the past in a job or as a founder
Sherdil Scholarship
For the veteran (<10 years experience) looking to transition into leadership roles at startups or start on their own
Himalayan Scholar
For individuals who belong to the hill-states of India (HP, UK, J&K, North-Eastern States) and are looking to work in high-paced startups
Bob The Builder Scholarship
For a founder who has faced unfortunate challenges with their startup in the past, and yet is still looking to build
Bharat Builder Scholarship
For candidates who have an experience building for India at the grassroots level in non-profit/impact organisations
Science In Business Scholarship
For scientists/ researchers who want to enter the startup world and solve complex business problems

Key Dates

Rounds Deadline Interviews Application Fee Course Fee Apply Now
Early Bird 10th February February Rs 1,000/- Rs 17,45,000/- Round closed
Round 1 24th March March - April Rs 1,500/- Rs 17,95,000/- Round closed
Round 2 5th May May Rs 2,000/- Rs 18,45,000/- Round closed
Round 3 16th June June Rs 2,000/- Rs 18,95,000/- Round closed
** Fee amounts mentioned above are exclusive of applicable 18% GST
*** Residential facilities will be made available to students starting at INR 3 lac per year


Rounds Admission Fee
(Non refundable)
Tuition Fee Total Fee
Invite only Round Rs 50,000/- Rs 12,45,000/- Rs 12,45,000/-
Round 1 Rs 50,000/- Rs 12,95,000/- Rs 13,45,000/-
Round 2 Rs 50,000/- Rs 14,45,000/- Rs 14,95,000/-

Key Dates

Early Bird
Deadline: 10th February
Interviews February
Application Fees Rs 1,000/-
Course Fee
Rs 17,45,000/-
Round 1
Deadline: 24th March
Interviews March - April
Application Fee Rs 1,500/-
Course Fee
Rs 17,95,000/-
Round 2
Deadline: 5th May
Interviews May
Application Fees Rs 2,000/-
Course Fee
Rs 18,45,000/-
Round closed
Round 3
Deadline: 16th June
Interviews june
Application Fees Rs 2,000/-
Course Fee Rs 18,95,000/-

** Fee amounts mentioned above are exclusive of applicable 18% GST
*** Residential facilities will be made available to students starting at INR 3 lac per year


Invite only Round
Admission Fee (Non refundable) Rs 50,000/-
Tuition Fee Rs 12,45,000/-
Total Fee Rs 12,95,000/-
Round 1
Admission Fee (Non refundable) Rs 50,000/-
Tuition Fee Rs 12,95,000/-
Total Fee Rs 13,45,000/-
Round 2
Admission Fee (Non refundable) Rs 50,000/-
Tuition Fee Rs 14,45,000/-
Total Fee Rs 14,95,000/-


Once you receive the admission offer, in case you require easy financing options for the programme fees, our counselling team will help you get in touch with our banking partner institutions to get education financing.